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Verizon Foundation

Abell - Hanger Foundation

Box 430
Midland, TX 79702

(915) 684-6655


Grant Types: capital, challenge, conference/seminar, emergency, endowment, general support, matching, operating expenses, and project

Geographical Distribution: Primarily Texas

Application: First time applicants should send a letter requesting a pre-proposal questionnaire. A full application will be sent if the trustees determine one is warranted. The applicant will be asked to supply a current audited financial statement. Applications are accepted in August, November, February, and May.

Restrictions on giving: The organization must be located in Texas or have significant operations in Texas. The applicant must have IRS 501(c) (3) status. The foundation generally will not give to private organizations as defined by IRS Code 509.

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Box 16458
Lubbock, TX 79490

(806) 799-3250


Grant Types: capital, general support, matching, research and scholarship

Geographical Distribution: Limited to the south plains of Texas

Application: Send a brief letter of inquiry including a description of the organization, amount requested, purpose of grant request, recently audited financial statement and proof of tax-exempt status. Deadline is June 1.

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SW 11th St Ext
Seminole, TX 79360
(432) 758-2770

Grant Types: capital, general support, and scholarship

Geographical Distribution: Focus on eastern New Mexico and western Texas

Application: First time applicants should send a letter of inquiry. Second time applicants should send a completed grant package. There are no deadlines. The foundation prefers to support charitable youth organizations.

Restrictions on giving: The organization must be located in Texas or have significant operations in Texas. The applicant must have IRS 501(c) (3) status. The foundation generally will not give to private organizations as defined by IRS Code 509.

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3003 Swiss Avenue
Wilson Historic District
Dallas, TX 75204-6090

(214) 826-9431 - (800) 826-9431


Grant Types: capital, challenge, emergency, employee matching gifts, matching, multiyear/continuing support and project

Geographical Distribution: Texas with emphasis on Dallas

Application: Contact the foundation for guidelines. Applicants should submit a proposal describing the project and the organization. The proposal should include a brief history of the organization’s purpose and work; a description of the program; the amount requested and desired payment date; list of others asked for support with amounts and responses; project budget; methods of project evaluation; biographical information; audited financial statements; verification of tax-exempt status.

The foundation operates a program for grant requests under $25,000. Such proposals must be received between June 1 and August 31. Awards are made in November.

Restrictions on giving: The organization must be located in Texas.

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2800 Post Oak Blvd., 6th Floor
Houston, TX  77056

Grant Types: materials, capital
Geographical Distribution: rural Texas libraries serving populations less than 7000
Application: Libraries eligible to receive application materials will be selected using the annual statistics compiled by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Applications will be mailed directly to eligible libraries in the fall.

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Tocker Foundation
3814 Medical Parkway
Austin, TX 78756-4002
(512) 452-1044

Grant Application

Grant Types: materials, remodeling and construction, special programs, equipment, library automation

Geographical Distribution: Small, rural libraries in Texas serving a population of 12,000 or less

Application: Describe the project including library service area and population affected, the needs the project will address, timeline for implementation, other Tocker grants awarded, how will the project be funded beyond grant year, detailed budget, description of improvement in library services expected, success measures, contact person responsible for implementation.

Restrictions on giving: The library must show that TIF has been the first source of funding for library software and hardware. The library must show that the shelflist is current and weeding is to be completed. Retrospective conversion should be directed to a vendor that will bill the foundation directly. Retrospective conversion should utilize USMARC format and the Z39.50 standard. Automation software should be Windows based. Patron access terminals will be limited to two. Additional terminals should be provided by other sources.

Back to Top Verizon Foundation http://foundation.verizon.com

Geographical Distribution: United States

Application: The foundation only accepts electronic proposals through its “Apply Online” process. Any proposals submitted receive notification of receipt from your local representative within 72 hours. Unsolicited proposals are accepted from January 1 - November 30.

Restrictions on giving: To be eligible the organization must focus on technology applications and programs in one or more of the following areas: Literacy, Digital Divide, Women and Economic Development, People with Disabilities, Math/Science Education or Scholarships, Community Development, benefit the customers, employees and communities in the areas Verizon serves in the US.

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Lubbock Area Foundation
1655 Main Street Suite 209
Lubbock, TX 79401

(806) 762-8061


Grant Types: start-up funding, general operating support, program support and demonstration programs.

Geographic Distribution: Organizations in Lubbock and the surrounding South Plains area which are 501(c)(3) or the government equivalent

Application: The proposal narrative must contain:

A brief description of the project and the need for it within the community.

The amount requested and specific use of the funds from the Foundation and the total project budget.

A brief statement of the capability of personnel responsible for project implementation.

Information on grants received by the organization and any pending proposals for funds related to the project. Plans for additional funding for this project must also be included.

A plan for evaluation the success of this grant.

Plans for continuing the project following the grant period.

The name, address and phone number of the contact person for the application.

The following attachments must be provided:

Proof of tax-exempt status — 501(c)(3) or equivalent.

A detailed project budget.

A detailed copy of the organization's current annual operating budget.

A copy of the most recent audit (if no audit current financial statement).

A current listing of the Board of Directors.

A resolution from the Board approving the application.

Nine copies of the narrative and project budget sections only.

Upon review of your proposal, the Grants Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors, which makes the final decision on grant awards. You will be notified as soon as possible after the Board Meeting at which your application is considered. The Board meets 5 times a year. All grant recipients must report on the expenditure of grant funds and results of the supported project within one year of the award. Typical grant awards range from $500 - $2,500 with $5,000 as the maximum from the unrestricted funds. Grant applications are reviewed throughout the year. Contact the Foundation for deadlines.

Applications are reviewed on the basis of the following priorities:

Impact: service to a wide segment of the community and assistance to people not adequately served by existing resources

Innovation: a responsiveness to changing or emerging community needs and the project offers a practical approach for solving community problems

Leverage: the project leverages or generates other funding or resources

Management: there is a clear plan for implementation and the organization has the capability for delivery of the service or program

Non-Duplication: the project does not duplicate existing programs or services

Restrictions on giving: The Foundation does not make grants to individuals, for political purposes, to retire indebtedness or for payment of interest or taxes.

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 5956 Sherry Lane, Suite 610
Dallas, TX 75225

(214) 363-9000


Grant Types: general support 

Geographic Distribution: International

Application: Request guidelines. The Summerlee Foundation meets quarterly to review grant proposals. All grant applications should be submitted in writing and include the following information:

Project Summary.

A brief letter (no more than two pages) signed by the organization's chief executive officer describing the proposed project, the need it fulfills, and the amount of time needed to complete the project.

Project Budget.

A budget of specific line items of how grant funds will be spent. If the grant request to the Foundation is part of a larger effort involving more than one funding source, show how the committed funds are to be applied.

Organization History.

A brief summary of the organization, its mission, and its officers and board members. If the project requires other key personnel, please list accordingly.

Financial Statements.

A copy of the organization's latest annual financial statement, and/or a copy of the most recently filed 990 IRS information return. 

Tax-Status Letter.

A copy of the most recent Internal Revenue Service determination letter which grants the organization 501(c)(3) status. State tax-exempt notices are unacceptable.

Since it is able to respond favorably to only a small percentage of applications, the Foundation discourages elaborate and expensive presentations. The Foundation investigates and evaluates all projects and often conducts site visits. Written interim reports as well as a final report are required of all grantees. Without a final report, a grantee may not receive future funding.

Restrictions on giving: The foundation provides grants to research, exhibit, publish, promote, preserve and document all facets of Texas history.

Back to Top Seawell Elam Foundation

Box 5335
Austin, TX 78763


The Foundation supports the purchase of library materials, especially for children's projects, in small communities throughout Texas. The Foundation has limited funding available to support construction/renovation projects. Applications for building grants are helped if the foundation can see that the community has supported the project financially. Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) organization.

When a new grant period is opening, the foundation will contact the state library which will distribute the information. Contact Wendy Clark, Texas State Library and Archives Commission Special Services Consultant at 512-936-2236, fax 512-463-8800 or wendy.clark@tsl.state.tx.us for more information.

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