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Interlibrary Loan Procedures

To review, cancel or renew active requests:

  • Log in to FirstSearch and then to “My Account”.
  • Click on the “Resource Sharing” tab.
    • Requests are listed chronologically with new requests added to the bottom.
    • Each request is assigned a Request Identifier Number when submitted.
    • After requests are in “Complete status”, they remain on this list for approximately 3 weeks and then they are purged from the list.
  • Status.
    • Submitted
    • In transit:  requests are updated to “In transit” when shipped by lender and the due date is displayed.

      When you receive an item:

      • Locate your record of the request date.
      • Go to http://wtls.lib.tx.us to report the date received.
        • Click on the Interlibrary Loan tab
        • Click on the form “

          Interlibrary Loan Received/Returned Update Form"_blank">

        • Fill the form out completely and “Submit”.
        • Status will update to “Received by library” when I receive your report and update in FirstSearch.
    • Renewal requested:  (To request renewal, click the “Renew” button.)
      • Renewed:  when the renewal is granted the new due date will be displayed.
      • Renewal Denied:  if the lender declines to renew the due date will remain the same.
    • When you return an item:
    • Unfilled:  When no lenders are able to ship an item, it goes into “Unfilled” status. 
      • Look for an email regarding status.  The request will be canceled which removes it from your list in your FirstSearch account.
      • Optional: If your patron is still interested in receiving the item, submit a new request for the same item.
  • Cancel an item:
        • Click on the form “

          Interlibrary Loan Received/Returned Update Form"_self">Interlibrary Loan Received/Returned Update Form

        • Fill out the form with the required information and type “Cancel” in the Comments field.  “Submit”.
        • If the item has not shipped, I will cancel it and it will be removed from your active request list.

Items loaned from the Lubbock Public Library 

When an item is shipped from the Lubbock Public Library, the record will be deleted from your active request list on your FirstSearch account.  Give it a couple of days to arrive before submitting a new request for the item. 

  • The item will have a white/sometimes green label taped to the cover.

    Two dates will be stamped on the label.

  • The first/earliest date is the date we ship the item to you.
  • The second/later date is your due date for the item.

    There is a place labeled “Due date:” where you may write in your patron’s due date. 

    At the bottom of the label, there is a stamp that reads “Received”.  Please write in the date you receive the item in your library in this space on the label.

    Please remind your patron to leave this label attached to the book and return the book with the label on it.

To renew items loaned to you by the Lubbock Public Library:

  • Go to the Lubbock Public Library Web Site:  http://library.ci.lubbock.tx.us/
  • Click on “Renew my materials”  (You may want to bookmark this page.)
  • Login:  If you do not have your login information, please contact Sally at 806-775-2832.
  • Click on “List charged items”
  • You may renew all items or you may select items to renew.
  • Click “Renew selected items.”
  • Review response.  If items are not renewed, call Sally for assistance.
Contact Sally in InterLibrary Loan in Lubbock if you have questions or suggestions for InterLibrary Loan procedures:

email- squiroz@mail.ci.lubbock.tx.us
Phone- (806)775-2832
fax- (806)775-2856